Perfume Commemorative Pack

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Design: Janardhanan Potti, Koshy C Oommen
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MITID
Tutor: Samson Mathai
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Aluminium, Cardboard, Nylon
Printing Process: Digital printing

SKINN by Titan is one of the finest French fragrance, “SENSUALITY IN A BOTTLE”. The SKINN range is specially crafted by blending exotic yet contemporary notes that are native to rarest and finest of the ingredients sourced from myriad locations across the world.

‘Bohemian Collections’ by SKINN is as the name suggests, an unconventional lifestyle which involves musical, artistic, literary, or adventurous pursuits with few permanent ties. Where, ‘FOREST ROGUE’ & ‘COUNTRY ROAD’ are bold and warm aroma which sets your senses exploring with the spirit of a Bohemian.

With the idea of following the hierarchy of SKINN by Titan, we introduce the aesthetically improved bottle and commemorative gift pack.

What’s Unique?
Bottle Design takes into account features like masculinity, robustness and youthfulness. It also solves the chance of bottle neck-breaking by implementing a metal casing around the neck. This not only adds to the protection but also adds to the aesthetics and remains hierarchical to TITAN products.

An Innovative Commemorative Box Design is followed which is compact and adds to the premium and minimal factor of the brand. It allows the user to gift or store two bottles of the bohemian collection with minimal area usage and hence, eliminates the bulky gift boxes used previously.

We have also provided a magnetic lock mechanism to the pack so that it can be reusable and thereby solving the storage and safety precautions.

The graphics have been redesigned making it more loyal to the name and give a stand out feature to the collection.

Special Cards are provided depending on the variant inside the box, describing the essence of perfume, thus adding to the essence of the product overall.