Derrick Lin


Illustrator: Rahad Sarsar
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Spices, sauces, olive oil, ketchup, vinegar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles, glass jars, plastic

Zem is a new special sauces, spices, and cooking supplies company which located in In UK, we worked together to build a brand identity system and special packaging design.

Zem Kitchen is a group of cooking chiefs who want to deliver special recipes for people who want great taste. We chose the illustration/sketch type of design for a clean looking and original feeling. We believe that illustrations give an unique impact on a brand that the product is custom made and not just a copy of other products.

The design process included packaging materials, shapes for all of the spices, sauces, olive oil, ketchup, vinegar. We started with the illustrations besides developing unique-looking packaging choices then we worked on the 3D modeling process.