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Design: Yashashree Chakole
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: UnitedWorld Institute of Design, Karnavati University
Tutor: Self Initiated
Packaging Contents: Food packaging
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 230 gsm Matte paper with butter paper attached inside
Printing Process: Digital Printing

What is this? A packaging for Maniacs!
“Rolls Mania” the name itself exhibits the audience of the ultimate foodies, enthusiasts and food lovers.

Rolls Mania is a food outlet in India that’s famous for serving freshly made hot and sweet, steamingly spicy and deliciously mouth-watering rolls/wraps, be it veg. or non veg. The brand itself exhibits a very dynamic range of what they do and what they serve as platter for their customers. The dynamics of this brand is entangled with a dramatic approach in their packaging, i.e. the bold graphics- colors such as Black, Red and Green.

The Biggest Hurdle!?
As food is the only thing that every human, regardless the age, craves for, having a meal that’s served hot and fresh with proper care and hygiene is what all the customers set their hearts on. This is where the packaging plays a huge and an essential role- care and hygiene (protection of the product).

The problem lies where the packaging itself does not support the main purpose of why it has been made. While having rolls/wraps, every human encounter a problem where having a bite creates a tedious mess around you as all the good stuffing and spicy sauce spills and scatters leaving you in utter disgust. The rolls are basically wrapped in a butter paper to keep your hands clean but the mess created leaves you in blues.

What’s Unique?
By a simple design, a huge problem of leaving the customers in revulsion could be eliminated. Hence, the packaging is designed to be interactive and easy to use to engage the customers in having an amazing experience created by themselves.

To be interactive and fun, the packaging captured all the “aww” moments that a person feels while having food which then was combined with bold Graphic typography, dramatic colors and illustrations, engaging the food lovers and maniacs more into the enticingly tasty food.

To be sure that the packaging was easy to use, interactive and which creates an experience of amazement, there were perforations made on the packaging in a spiral format that helps the customer to open the package in a circular motion that goes from up to down in a systematic and an easy way. The material used for the packaging is paper i.e. Eco-friendly, biodegradable so that no harm is caused to the environment.

In the end, this packaging leads the customers to use all their senses for a satisfactory and an amazing experience created by themselves for such a small usual daily activity like food that we all take for granted.