Art Director & Brand Designer: Elena del Castillo
3D Designer & Graphic Artist: Martí Garcés
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: Elisava
Tutor: Martin Azúa
Packaging Contents: Soap + Towel
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sulapac
Printing Process: Sublimation

ESTAR JUNTOS pretends to symbolize all we went through when COVID-19 hit so hard our society but do we want to remember the bad aspects of it?

This situation is making us think twice about what we spend our lives on, and what we all have seen is that BEING TOGETHER, it’s what we miss the most. It is an exercise of self-commitment but also thinking as a collective for once.

Life is teaching us that to stay together; we should act together. Our soap can be displayed in museums, hotels, schools… its mission: facilitate our race to the finish line of this situation: survive the COVID-19 while staying together with hugs, kisses, laughs. And above all, a stronger self-awareness.

Just wash your hands!

What’s Unique?
The fact that we do want to symbolize all we have gone through, the fact that this has proven to us that if we want to stay together (ESTAR JUNTOS in spanish), a small gesture like washing our hands can ease things so much. It is just about collective responsibility and a collective mentality.