Agency: Doblegiro
Director: Guillermo Landero
Art Director: Luis Aguila
Location: Chile
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cuisine&co
Product Launch Location: Chile
Packaging Contents: Non-Dairy Milk

Good Drink! by Cuisine&Co is a Non-Dairy Milk made from almonds, low fat, vitamins added and naturally gluten and lactose free. The concept that we want to transmit is that of a kind product, “the best” giving the protagonism to an almond with wings as if it was an angel, rising towards the skies distributing its kindness towards the world, it is presented in 4 varieties

What’s Unique?
In a world where everyone desperately tries to differentiate themselves, Cuisine&Co achieves this through a simple and tasty idea, with a defiant, idealistic and rebellious attitude that is reflected in its wide variety of products.

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