The Hivette: Your Next BFF

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Derrick Lin


Design: Yi Zhen Leong
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy of Communication Design
Tutor: Deanie Cham
Packaging Contents: Menstrual Cup
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bamboo, Wood, Cotton, Paper

Menstrual cups are still stigmatized in Malaysia but there is a growing movement to be more eco-friendly. The Hivette menstrual cup by The Hive Bulk Foods is Malaysia’s first locally-branded menstrual cup, as they determine in promoting a zero-waste lifestyle.

The objective is to create a limited-edition packaging to encourage the usage of cups, by framing it as your “BFF” during menstruation. The shape of the design is inspired by traditional beehives and table succulents. To reflect sustainability values, natural materials such as wood and cotton were used. The Hive also supports local causes, by incorporating handmade weaving techniques, it opens up an option for the limited packaging to be produced by refugees. The packaging also features a compartment for a batik-inspired patterned wet pouch, along with a leaflet slit.

By creating a more permanent packaging linked to the sustainable permanence of the product in a friendly, approachable manner, it is hoped to change how people view menstrual cups (and packaging!), eventually generating increased interest in usage.

What’s Unique?
The menstrual cup lasts for up to 10 years, so I thought why not the packaging too? By designing it not as just something to protect the product and be thrown away, but also as display art when the cup is not in use. Origami accessories are attached through metal fasteners so they can be placed differently or removed, creating an interactive experience that doubles as a personalization option.