Chi Fung Bird‘s Nest

Derrick Lin


Design: Higgs Design
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Bird’s nest
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Wood, Glass bottle

Bird’s nest is carefully selected and braised, keep embellishing body and mind for holding beauty.

In the design of packaging and labeling, we outlined the crystal-clear of bird’s nest, the texture of bird’s nest is clearly seen. The packing box adopts a pure, white, octagonal, wooden box design, giving a fresh vision of bird’s nest which connected an image with a faint scent of egg white. Appearance on that symbol is an ancient women’s makeup box, meaning a delicate, classical beauty, the illustrations are simply and the lines are vivid and exquisite. Highlighting the ability of bird’s nest to regenerate human tissue cells, we made this texture and color into the packaging design, with high-end image. A quiet happiness is simply.