Delilah-Natural Herbal Tonics



Design: Monograph&Co.
Location: Canada
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Off-Set

At our studio, we believe that good work goes beyond our day to day working schedule. It’s crucial to continuously exercise your creative muscles to expand, create meaningful work for our clients, and push the envelope, even if it’s in the most subtle ways. When working on a multitude of projects, we like to offer brands many different ways to present their products to help them achieve the most significant results in the market place. Concept Development is an integral part of our process as it allows us to go further and expand upon ideas that may not always see the light of day.

Over time, we have found that creating work that will enable us the flexibility to explore various touch-points. Helping our current and future clients expand their imaginations on how vast the creative landscape truly is, allowing them to extend beyond what they thought they could achieve.

Concept development is often unseen and rarely showcased. We here and Monograph&Co hope to create and hold space for like-minded studios and agencies to open up their creative palettes and curiosities that extend beyond the workplace.

The Art Direction and Packaging behind Delilah explores the brand’s visual narrative through its subtle visual cues and exquisite composition styles.