Gambol limited edition

Derrick Lin


Design: Strong design
Location: Thailand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Gambol
Product Launch Location: Thailand
Packaging Contents: Shoes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Gambol is a brand of shoes which aims to penetrate the teen market.

Why the teen market? – Young people are full of innovative ideas, energy and are always looking for the new design. What is the inspiration for this design? – we all have seen teenage school movies. Can you picture the school scene where students gather together before the classroom? Each student has their own locker, and in that locker represents their privacy. For example to keep secrets (either from parents or friends), or a place to keep something special, etc. And this is where our idea pops up from!

Imagine that everyone can have their own locker. The mobile locker, the locker that you can move.

What’s Unique?
Considering the climate change concern around the world nowadays, we don’t think throwing away the shoebox is a good idea – we should reuse them. There will be less waste; instead, there will be a more useful and smart locker to keep personal belongings.

More than that, the design helps consumers save their space because this smart shoebox can stack up to make taller or larger cabinets. Last but not least, it comes with a variety of cool design stickers to put on the mobile lockers to suit individuals’ styles.