Agency: JDO Brand and Innovation
Associate Creative Director at JDO: Sara Faulkner
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Coated Cardboard Outer Box

Built to win: JDO creates Columna de Parfum

International design agency JDO has created Columna Parfum, a trilogy of fine fragrances with a design inspired by The Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Reflecting a power play between strength and elegance, the concept is a sensory translation of this Georgian colonnade that leads to the Chalybeate Spring in Kent. Discovered in the early 17th century, the parade was frequented by royalty, landed gentry and pleasure seekers. With its distinctive architecture featuring unique pillars, the iconic character and spirit of Ye Olde Pantyles remains today.

“In developing Columna, we needed to be disciplined enough to hunt for gems of truth in the past and creative enough to recut them for the present day,” comments Sara Faulkner, Associate Creative Director at JDO. “To appeal to a high-end audience, we asked ourselves, how do we attract an individual who has it all?”

Columna’s identity and packaging is exquisitely poised between grounded structural design and the high-end aspirations of dreams. It transports us to the glorious past offering a much needed break from the modernity we all feel so jaded by. The ornate Georgian pillars are not only distinctively stylish, but also liberated from the gender-based cliches of perfume design.

“The future of fine fragrances depends on the creation of the extraordinary,” comments Faulkner. “Possibly the rejection of the ordinary altogether.”

Standing tall with a design that evokes prestige, beauty and timelessness, Columna delivers a premium perfume experience like no other and is already a winner of a prestigious 2020 Pentaward.