Design: NEOM
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: San Benedetto Acqua Minerale
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: plastic bottle
Printing Process: flex

Background: In 2015 San Benedetto, a leading company in the Mineral Waters business, acquired the Cutolo Group, which includes the brand Acqua Effervescente Naturale Cutolo Rionero, a true milestone in the history of the mineral waters from Lucania. We were given the task of creating a new product identity as part of the brand re-launching project.

Objective: To restore to the Cutolo Rionero brand, which used to be very well-known and had a great following, a distinctive personality, worthy of the high quality of the water and able to communicate the recovery of its past position leadership.

The project: Continuity with the past and need for innovation come together also in this project which, while remaining within the codes of reference of the Natural Effervescent segment, saw us achieve a solution able to communicate elegance, historicity and fresh taste of this unique product. For the large-scale distribution channel, in the two classic formats, we used the bottles designed for Acqua di Nepi, another proprietary brand. For the channel we used the transparent SB bottles, choosing the black cap to give it a particularly elegant, pleasing appearance on the table.

What’s Unique?
The evolution from a cahotic and low profile identity to a harmonic and top profile one.

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