DS1 branding agency

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Design: DS1 brandingLocation: Russia Project Type: Branding Packaging Contents: Italian pasta Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing

How to win over the consumer of the traditional sector? Use family values and pasta dishes

JSC Tander (Magnit chain of stores) doesn’t stand still: the company purchased Italian equipment and decided to bring a line of Italian pasta to the market.

The partnership with the retailer began when DS1 branding took part in a creative tender. There were such following tasks for participants as development of positioning, verbal and visual identification of the brand (brand name, visual concept of packaging and logo). The concept proposed by the agency took a leading position, according to the Magnit team. Next, it was sent for consumer testing.

The territory of sales of the new product includes stores of the Magnit chain throughout Russia.

Price positioning – high middle segment. At the first stages of the work, we analyzed the competitive environment, carried out the market and its trends and paid more attention to research of the target audience. While developing the brand, the team had to find a new non-trivial form of revealing authentic Italian quality.

Alexandra Mezina, art Director for packaging at DS1 branding:
“Italian families do not use cookbooks, because each family has its own traditional recipe that has been passed down for generations. The sticker on the package emphasizes the connection with the classic Italian recipe, and a large image of the shape of pasta in conjunction with the accompanying food serves as a differentiator. The logo contrasts with the background and has a concise spelling”

After winning the consumer test, the DS1 branding design team refined the packaging concept based on the results obtained. In addition to being posted to the SKU, a key visual and a tagline were also provided. The image of the brand “Gusto di Roma” turned out to be temperamental and at the same time family-friendly.

The product has just started to appear on the shelves – and the result of work (sales volume) will be analyzed in 2021.