Madre Pietra Padre Grano


Agency: NEOM
Illustrator: Peter Horridge
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Molino Casillo
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Flour
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper bag
Printing Process: Roto

The world of stone-ground flours with a very high-level product: wholemeal flours of ancient wheats from Sicily and Puglia, milled slowly between natural stone. In order to create this new domain in the portfolio, the strategic direction chosen has been the one that best rewards the encounter between the nature of the wheats, represented by the craft paper, and the man grinding, represented by the logo, which is actually handwritten by a calligrapher to give the greatest uniqueness to the sign.

The name Madre Pietra, Padre Grano (Mother Stone, Father Wheat) celebrates the birth of something new from the encounter between the female, represented by the stone, and the male, represented by the wheat. The very meaningful identity of this range has been specially created by dedicating great attention to simplicity, immediacy and the feeling of purity, of being what one is with great humility, just like a grain of wheat, which is as simple as it is rich.

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