COVID-19 Home Testing Kit Concept Revealed


Design: JDO
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coronavirus Home Test
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Plastic

With the Government’s plans to implement mass testing imminent, JDO has come up with a Covid-19 testing kit concept with a focus on simple messaging to ensure ease of use and accuracy of result.

There are high hopes that the city-wide testing strategy could signal a way out of national lockdown and a consumer-centric home testing kit could ease the pressure of mass testing at scale.

JDO’s design approach attempts to solve the complexity with the use of a bold colour palette, straightforward conversational copy and easy to follow instructions – to ensure the very best chance of accurate, successful tests.

A simple three-step process, the testing concept is explained via a series of infographics. Once completed, the swab is retracted into its holder to prevent degradation from UV light, and resealed in its original box, leaving zero waste with the consumer.

Commenting on the test kit concept JDO ECD, Ben Oates says: “As a branding agency, we aim to use the power of creativity to improve usage, communications and understanding. Good design can change how people live, act, and what they believe. Effective, quick testing for Covid-19 is crucial to managing this pandemic and we wanted to take the opportunity to present a foolproof concept that could help resolve some of the challenges around the accuracy of home testing through a straightforward kit with simple to understand instructions.”