Murcia, España

Design: MABA
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pedro Martínez
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, metal and wood
Printing Process: Digital and foil stamping

Creating a personal brand for the winemaker and Golden Nose (“Nariz de Oro” award), Pedro Martínez, who was named best sommelier of the year. In his first range of wines, Pedro Martínez explores the Monastrell or Mourvèdre grape, travelling to superb vineyards in the Region of Murcia, which he says are possibly the parts of the world that produce the best of this variety.

The brand’s symbol is born of the formal meeting of the profile of the nose and a glass of wine. Two images are combined to summarise the project simply. The Magnum bottle contains a coupage of the three wines. It has been designed in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Nicolás de Maya, whose interpretation of the project appears on the label.

What’s Unique?
Just as brilliant musicians touch the spirit with sound, this talented enologist uses his nose to move us with wines. Our task was to create an iconic bottle to embody the personality of this project with the most valuable tool of the ideologue of these wines.