Murcia, España

This design reflects the standing of the oldest and most limited edition of Fondillón produced by the Miñano Gómez family. A series of prestigious vintages resting in old casks steeped in history. A project imbued with the noble tradition, history, and heritage of Spanish wine.

The Fondillón edition is precious and limited because of its long history and the scarcity of the wine. The series is drawn from casks dating between 1930 and 1975. The first challenge of the label is to create a structure that makes space to arrange and classify the vintages while including traditional features typical of the historic wines that graced the tables of royalty and writers.

The design features superimposed seal-like labels which are hand-stamped and applied individually, before placing each small bottle of this tranquil wine in a case with bas-relief texture, full of restraint.