Designer: Lilia Quinaud
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Coffee
Location: Brazil & UK

As a Brazilian expat living in London, quarantine has made it especially hard being away from family and friends. I wanted to do a tribute to my home country and that’s how Sol was born.

Sol, which translates to “sun”, is a concept coffee brand inspired by the diverse colours and flavours of Brazil. The wordmark takes inspiration from the sinuous shapes of its natural and urban landscapes, followed by a custom bold display typeface.

Sol’s flavours are inspired by the 6 regions of Brazil – Amazônia, Pantanal, Cerrado, Mata Atlântica, Caatinga & Pampa – and their native fauna, flora and ingredients. With an expanded colour palette that is a modern interpretation of the flag’s green, yellow and blue, all elements come together on the packaging, keeping the wordmark centred as a source of life and growth.

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