Derrick Lin


Design: Shivani Datar, Sanvika Patil, Nimish Nerlekar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Prof. Chaitanya Kachare
Packaging Contents: Kulfi – the Indian Icecream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Areca Nut leaves
Printing Process: Sticker

In India, there is hardly anyone who does not like a Kulfi (the Indian ice cream). Adults find their childhood in this simple milk candy. And after doing a bit of a research, we got to know that they enjoy having it on a stick the most, as opposed to having it in a matka, cup or a plate. But with the fun of having it on a stick, comes the mess it creates after melting. It becomes sticky, spills all over you, stains your clothes, leaves your hands dirty and you embarrassed. Considering this problem, we tried to come up with a solution for making the experience a little less of the mess. So here is the Popcup, a holder for the beloved Kulfi.

The kulfi along with the holder can be removed easily from the wrapper, by holding on to it’s stick. The form of the holder is such, that as the user eats, the melted residue is collected in the lower bowl like part. A lot of people like eating kulfi in a horizontal way, so further when the kulfi is tilted, keeping the curved face below, the residue gets collected in the holder. The same face can also be used to eat the residue when the kulfi is completely consumed.

We have also come up with a branding for its wrapper to go with the product and the Popcup. For this, we have considered the Havmore kulfi which is one of the most popular brands of ice cream found in the Indian market.

The Popcup has been made with Areca Nut leaves, which are sustainable and bio-degradable. The process of press moulding can be used for its mass manufacturing . This single use solution for the melting of kulfi can enhance the experience without harming the environment. It is approximately three quarter the height of the kulfi, so as to provide containment when it starts melting.

This unique solution will add a bit of excitement and in the process and help the product stand out on the shelf. Popcup can contribute to the playfulness of the experience of having the kulfi on a stick, making it less messy, more fun!

*The brand name and logo have been used for visualisation purposes. Havmor does not endorse the product.