Chateau Lorraine Dutch Winery



Agency: Studio Zwart
Type Foundry: Pangram Pangram
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine, Prosecco, Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, bottle, paper, cardboard

Task: The task for this concept project was to rebrand a winery from the south of the Netherlands. The most important part of this rebranding was the packaging, since they wanted to reach a new audience. The label had to be modern, and really stand out between others, but it was very important to keep in mind that this winery exists for almost 100 years. We had to design a label for a red wine, a white wine, and also for a prosecco bottle.

Process: We explored many options, trying to find that perfect match between history and a modern edge. Eventually we went with a typographic direction. We chose a beautiful serif font, since we feel like a combination of this font with playful, unusual layouts, is exactly what we need to accomplish the briefing.

Solution: So, the endproduct. It is a modern looking bottle, keen to attract a young audience, but it remains to have class. It features a playful layout of typographic elements. It does not look like any other bottle, which is exactly what the customer wanted. With the text and lines slightly embossed and shiny, the label features an amazing contrast. For the box, in which bottles would be sold in retail, we chose to keep it very minimalistic.

To make the prosecco label stand out from the wine range, but yet remain recognizable as Chateau Lorraine, we chose to go with a fully black label. This matches perfectly with a black bottle, and definitely has this chique vibe, which will also attract a younger audience, since they care about looks.

What’s Unique?
It features nothing but typography and lines. By deliberately choosing to leave out illustrations and images on all instances, this bottle will jump in the eye with no problems. It doesn’t even need bright colors, it is just the classy vibe and playful layouts of the typography that will make people want to read the label, and taste the wine (and prosecco).