Derrick Lin


Creative Director: Kanstantsin Perlamutser
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Produced
Client: Slonim Wine-Vodka Factory
Product Launch Location: Belarus
Packaging Contents: Alcohol, Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Flexography

“Slonim Wine-Vodka Factory” of the Open Joint Stock Company “Dyatlovo Distillery “Algon” is one of the largest manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in Republic of Belarus

The new product of the factory is NEVODKA, the alcoholic spirit, 40% vol with flax seed extract. The main feature of the product is naturalness and eco-friendliness. This is exactly what was required to reflect in the design of the label: the identity, crafting and naturalness of the “NEVODKA” product.

“In designing, we tried to avoid direct visual associative images – Belarusian patterns, embroidery, etc. Instead, we used “natural” textures, sketch illustrations. Because of this, the design of the label stands out well on the shelf, is remembered by the consumer and corresponds to the price segment,” concluded Kanstantsin Perlamutser, IDEW MEDIA BELARUS

The design concept has been adapted to the entire range: 0.2 and 0.5 liters using color differentiation and an illustration block.

What’s Unique?
We combined crafting and Belarusian identity avoiding direct visual images like Belarusian patterns, embroidery etc.

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