Designer: Andy Audsley
Illustrator: Vanessa Wright
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Forage Fresh
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Vegan Dips
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Creative problem solver Andy Audsley from Audsley Designs has crafted a charming new identity for Forage Fresh, creating a brand new vegan offering with potential to expand its range and reach into new markets.

The dip flavours are lovingly created by professional food connoisseur Steve Ingram and his food loving business partner Anmarie Dabinet. The duo have been in the dip business for a while now, but with the way food trends are going decided to create a brand new taste driven vegan friendly range. With delicious combinations such as white bean & almond to roast pumpkin & tomato.

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The brief was to capture a sense of nostalgia & joy of foraging. This light hearted idea came from the long summer days Steve used to forage as a child for wild mushrooms & berries to cook, whilst on holiday in the Italian meadows of the Dolomite Mountains.

A vibrant foodie colour palette was used to evoke natural taste. Using a simple rustic style of illustration throughout. The foraging boy carries a larger than life basil leaf that symbolise freshness, becoming the iconic shorthand for ‘Forage Fresh’.

The typography of ‘Forage’ has been created to feel like a chunky collection of shapes that can start to move and interact with all the illustrated seeds and leaves later on. The ‘Fresh’ hand drawn type element links to the same style of leaf carried by the boy. This aesthetically links the Name ‘Forage Fresh’ to the foraging ‘boy icon’.

The stylised foraging boy can start to interact with real product, creating a distinctive asset that can be used further down the path for advertising. Bringing a fresh hit of flavour to the urban streets of Sydney.

Once the brand starts to get established in store, playful animations and posters can start to reinforce the foraging brand story. Making the whole experience fun, modern and Tote-ally fresh! Keep an eye out for these in your local Harris Farm Markets across all of Australia.