Nutsmith’s Flavoured choco dip almonds

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Derrick Lin


Design: Shrunkhal Joshi
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld institute of design
Packaging Contents: Choco dip Almonds
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polypropylene

The purpose of the packaging was to make almonds a fun and healthy snacking option for kids. The brand is very famous for its almonds and they have recently launched this new product where kids can enjoy snacking almonds. Children love chocolates but at the same time, they don’t eat almonds. It becomes very difficult for parents to convince their kids to eat them. As the times are changing and women have to work and look after their kids at the same time, it becomes very difficult to make healthy recipes with almonds in them.

Kids always choose unhealthy snacks when they visit the supermarket. This product can be an alternative for all unhealthy food. Kids like taking snacks to school in a handy small box or wrapper. This ready to eat – snack can become their fun activity.

This product is super convenient, one can buy multiple packs while they visit a supermarket and carry in their tiffin box or during travel or holidays. One pouch = one snack.

The packaging aims to develop a sense of curiosity among kids to try this product. It aims to attract both kids and parents. The colorful interactive layout attracts the kids and the nutritional information provided in a very simplistic way attracts the parents to buy these snacks for their kids. Bright colors are used so that the product stands out on the shelf.

The logo is simple and designed in such a way that it looks vintage. The brown color resembles reliability, organic, and security. The logo makes it clear that the brand is famous for almonds which are grown in California.

This product comes in four different flavors so that the kids can have taste variations. By the overall packaging, it is trying to convey the message that taste and health can go hand in hand.

What’s Unique?
The packaging has an almond-like shape which can intrigue the kids to handle and try the product. It has a small opening so that the almonds don’t fall off while eating or carrying by kids. Nutritional information is provided on the front of the pack so that it draws parents’ attention towards its health benefits.

The back of the pack contains a caption saying ‘kids friend-ly’ which means that it is safe and healthy for kids to consume. It also has a small product description that conveys what the snack is about.