Bespoke Book

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Derrick Lin


Art Direction & Design: Çağıl Aygen
Product Design Executive: Nikolai Rizo
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Isle Studio
Product Launch Location: Americas
Packaging Contents: Book
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Cork
Printing Process: Offset Printing and Debossing

Multi-purpose rigid book packaging for Isle Studio, a Brooklyn-based design company that creates customized books to make great moments unforgettable. Their motto, “a book that moves with your life while being part of your home”, inspired us to create a packaging concept that should help to find its place out of the bookshelf. We created a unique product that is more than a single book packaging for their “Bespoke Book”, thanks to its multi-functional detail. We challenged ourselves to take the “Bespoke Book” product even further and make the packaging more engaging and functional. We researched a large array of materials that could be used, and in the end, we decided to use cork to frame each Bespoke Book packaging.

After unboxing, the packaging remains essential by transforming itself into a frame with natural cork detail and becomes a beloved part of any desired environment. The decision to use cork as the signature element was amazing. Cork is a natural, rapidly renewable material that is biodegradable and recyclable. It is light, anti-bacterial, and very resilient and makes the perfect material for protecting and showcasing “Bespoke Book” within its frame structure. .The elegant and minimal look of the exterior of the packaging, gently interrupted by subtle debossed details. Upon opening, the Bespoke Book Packaging reveals its custom-crafted natural cork frame and branded blue color while keeping the focus on the main product, Bespoke Book.

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