Designer: Dusadee Lamkijja
Co-Designer and Illustrator: Chanwut Hothai
Location: Thailand
Project Type: Produced
Client: S&P Syndicate Public Co.,Ltd.
Product Launch Location: Thailand
Packaging Contents: Frozen Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Gravure printing

QUICKMEAL is a brand of frozen ready meals produced by S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited and sold in leading supermarkets. In which the frozen food market in Thailand is quite competitive and most of the frozen foods that are sold are Thai food.

The Quickmeal brand has a wide variety of Thai dishes for sale but wants to launch a menu of Thai-cooked style pasta dishes or using Thai ingredients for pasta dishes to increase sales. Therefore they invented the fried pasta with spicy chicken and salted egg white sauce pasta. To be outstanding from the competition and be more attractive. The target is a new generation, students and first jobbers. Quickmeal will slightly reduce the portion to make the price lower, suitable for the target group.

From the Quickmeal brand philosophy to focus on sustainability, they select ingredients from farmers in Thailand to cook and to deliver delicious homemade flavor like a great chef comes to cook and serve food at home.

It is the origin of the concept “Happy Chef – Happy Pasta” by illustrating a happy Italian chef where the Italian chef represents pasta.

Pasta with Salted Egg Yolk White Sauce
The chef was originally designed to ride a scooter to convey the Italian identity but the client commented that it is too mechanical. They want to draw a sustainable from the philosophy of Quickmeal. We turned from a scooter to a bicycle and added more fun by salted eggs character on the back of the bike dragging the pasta bowl which is placed on the skateboard.

Pasta with Spicy Chicken
The design portrays a happy chef walking with a teeny-weeny cart into a garden to harvest ingredients for cooking by linking with a sustainable concept from a bicycle stalk chef

Opt for white, Quickmeal’s original corporate color, and the pasta-yellow as the base color. All pictures and lines are hands drawn by watercolor.