Design: Alejandro Gavancho
Images: Oscar Gomez
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bursera
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Essential Oils Aromatherapy, Palo Santo
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Bag, Paper Tubes
Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing

Bursera is an aromatherapy brand that is focused on environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing. They came to us to create order in their current brand through all the lines of products and to help them reach and clearly reflect their vision for Bursera. We created a brand that feels premium, but that also connects easily with people in their 20s and 30s by being minimal and chic.

Strategically, we kept the black and white of the brand to make it timeless and versatile, and also, together with the client we sought to use recycled and bio-degradable materiales that are not necessarily craft/brown, this was to represent our ecological side but without losing that premium feel.

Structurally, we designed a system that allows adaptation by limiting the range of some characteristics such as hierarchy, colour & typography. This also creates strong links between each product without losing the brand essence.

What’s Unique?
It’s unique because we were able to taking traditional products that have become popular through time and bringing them into the modern world, giving them a sustainable but refined imaginary. All while giving back to the planet and leaving it better than we found it using only recycled and biodegradables materials.