Be the energy you want to attract. Lost Saints is a vegan artisanal candles brand based in California, USA.

The client initially contacted us for a lifting of the graphic system as even though their previous packaging was visually attractive, it lacked a functioning graphic system that helped it to differentiate one product from another. However, in the end we decided to go ahead with a complete redesign of the brand, starting with the format of the box where we added a closing fixture that not only helped give the packing a stronger link to the candles and the wicks, but also created an intriguing unboxing experience.

Graphically, we decided to assign a colour to each aroma in order to make it easier to differentiate one product from another. We also created a unique logotype that transmits elegance and regency, fitting for the name of the brand. As an additional detail, we created a graphic where the isotype is radiated by 45 aureole lines that not only represent the light that emanates from the flame, but also the total number of hours that each candle lasts when lit.