Designer: Alejandro Gavancho
Photographer: George House
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Starrytale
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Skincare products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Foil stamping, Embossing

Starrytale is a skincare and cosmetic brand based in Hong Kong. The brand was born out of a need to create products suitable for common and real skin problems. The founder of Starrytale has a mother brand that works almost like a laboratory, where she gives advice on skin care. Based on that customer experience that she has accumulated over the years, she decided to establish her own brand.

Each product is created with special ingredients for their restoring properties and all of them with a natural origin and free of toxic and allergenic substances.

This time, the client came to us to create the packaging for their whole product line, 18 so far. We took inspiration from the concept and the name of the brand to create a graphic system as a first step and then, we moved on the packaging, where we designed each product inspired by the colours of its main ingredient and its aroma. In each piece every detail was created with the intention of reflecting the mystical and scientific side behind Starrytale. We channelled the natural side by using paper for all the boxes (without any type of coating) and chose glass instead of plastic for the bottles, thus avoiding the unnecessary use of plastic.

What’s Unique?
What makes Starrytale unique is the juxtaposition of different colours, pattern and printing techniques that achieve a magic and mystic branding all while keeping an elegant and timeless feel to the packaging.