Designer: Alejandro Gavancho
Photography: Sumiko Miura
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Alberto Medina
Product Launch Location: Peru
Packaging Contents: Negroni
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Adhesive Paper
Printing Process: Screen printing, Digital printing, Foil stamping

We designed new packaging for Abrogatto 18. This time, the brief was to create boxes for commercial distribution. We wanted to follow Abrogatto 18’s graphic line by designing modern, minimalistic and typographic boxes; packaging that allows the bottles to continue being the main product. We made sure that the impact that the boxes had on store shelves was unique and strong enough in order for them to stand out in an already over-saturated visual market like that of alcoholic beverages.

One of the specific requirements from the client was to create eco-friendly boxes. We used Liner card, a paper that is created with a high percentage of virgin fibre, that together with the labels, which are also made of paper, and the glass bottles, means that the packaging is 100% recyclable.

What’s Unique?
Abrogatto18’s box of two is a timeless juxtaposition of minimalistic hedonism and eco-conscious sophistication. While the boxes are aligned to the company’s environmental goals and commitment, the finish and feel of the box is anything but crafty. This is also paired with a muted but powerful minimalistic layout, speckled with loud accents, that succeed in both elevating the box to the next level, but also reserve the centre stage and protagonism for the bottles inside.