Instax mini 11 collectors bundle

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Derrick Lin


Design: Rohit Wadhwani
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT ID
Tutor: Prachi Shah
Packaging Contents: Instant camera, polaroid films
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper, polypropylene, polyester
Printing Process: Flexography, Lithography

Living in an age of social media, we often forget to capture and cherish moments that happen to us on a daily basis. Instant cameras have the same effect of capturing a photograph and you can view them instantly just like a phone camera. The polaroid in your hand feels real and makes you feel as if you can hold on to the moment forever. These photos have something special in them.

Back in the day when we Used to capture moments and develop them and store them in an album, nowadays we go through our phone gallery, however being honest, albums have something in them, something that really makes us feel that moment. If you have an instant camera you pretty much store it in the box it came in. When I think of the packaging I think about the unboxing experience and the post usability of the package. With the current packaging it had neither of the two, I saw an opportunity in the redesign of the packaging for it to have a better unboxing, post usage and storage of the camera and polaroid films. The concept is inspired from albums the old school way of storing photographs, the box would have pages with slots to store polaroids/pictures in them or scrapbooking. This would be launched as a special edition collectors bundle. The packaging would include the camera, the films, an inbuilt album and the instruction manual and warranty cards. With 4 pages on each side you can store about 64 photos in total based of the polaroid position. Once you open the outer package, you slowly pull the rope attached to the handle and remove the inner package and it opens like the pages of the book on either side. After you take photos with the camera, you can store them in the Package itself. With the visual front I’ve kept it on similar lines with the brand identity, keeping the natural tone of the product. The product dimensions are- L-222mm, B-87mm, H- 190mm.

What’s Unique?
When we usually buy an instant camera we have to buy an album with it too or a cover for the camera too, With the concept displayed,

  • Each time you open the packaging it feels like a walk down the memory lane
  • All your polaroids in one place
  • You smile each time you open the packaging
  • Album incorporated in the package itself
  • Better unboxing and a more personal touch to the packaging.