Vivia Natural Sparkling Mineral Water


Agency: NEOM
Partner: Stefano Giuseppe Dell’Orto
Creative Director: Giacomo Stefanelli
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: San Benedetto Acqua Minerale
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Roto

Vivia is a brand owned by Acqua di Nepi which in turn is owned by San Benedetto Acqua Minerale SpA and is intended for the discount segment. A historic brand for the company that is always intended for an audience that prefers the excellent value for money of the product. In fact, the water contained, natural effervescent, is among the best on the market and represents a high quality offer.

To create a new brand that is evolutionary of the current one, especially in the chromatic perception of the whole, primarily the red and white colors, but at the same time capable of communicating a higher added value of the product. The new brand will have to be able to enter into a relationship with a more modern and attentive audience to product quality, albeit within a space where price is one of the most important variables and drivers of the purchase act.

The project:
the study of the logo has highlighted the effervescent soul of the product, the naturally sparkling personality preferred by an audience looking for a food in water that does not simply satisfy a physiological need but that satisfies a hedonistic need that its reference point is taste, palatal satisfaction. The Vivia water is particularly pleasant and the new identity is aimed at accompanying the product experience starting precisely from the purchase act at the point of sale. Also in this sense, the packaging of the multipack was created which is clearly visible and recognizable at the point of sale.

What’s Unique?
The expression of the vitality of the water communicated by the brand and Packaging design

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