Gurty Yogurt (gur-tee)

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Derrick Lin


Design: Swaraj Murthy
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Mit Institute of design
Tutor: Rajendra Thakare
Packaging Contents: Yogurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

The packaging course had asked us to create the “Packaging” of a certain hypothetical product, this gave me the opportunity of creating Gurty. While creating the packaging I had a few key points in mind:

  • The packaging should be eye catching
  • It promotes curiosity
  • It also encourages healthy eating.

With these points in mind I understood that I can go ahead and make a really cool and fun packaging done for children. I started out with the idea of a dinosaur and worked from there. The original Idea was to have The Gurty’s belly open and a figure that the child could assemble would pop out, With the roof of the mouth/lid having the spoon for the consumption of the yogurt. It was challenging as I used blender not so often, and had to learn a new medium all together. But at the end it was worth it.

The packaging is not a final one. A lot of things must be wrong with it. But in the end I was happy with how it looked and also the way The name of the company sounded.

What’s Unique?
Gurty Yogurt is a fictional yogurt company selling healthy yogurt to children of the ages of 6 and above. The packaging done for said company aims to be fun and exciting, aiming to encourage the consumption of healthy yogurt in the youth. The product features opening flaps, for the eyes, the hands and the tail, to transform the box into a fun monster/dinosaur to be played with once the child is done enjoying the tasty treat inside. The product features 3 flavors i.e The sweet Strawberry, The flavorful Blueberry and The zesty Orange. The Packaging also features clear instructions and a beautifully Illustrated exterior that is certain to catch the eye of a young one. The unique shape of the box makes it stand out among the competitors. Lastly Gurty aims to bring some childlike curiosity and fun to a healthy lifestyle.