Real Home – Vegan Oat Milk

Derrick Lin


Design: Dae-Keun, Joo
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Real home vegan oat milk
Packaging Contents: vegan oat milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper carton
Printing Process: Flexographic

Real Home Vegan Oat Milk is a vegetable alternative milk for people in their 20s and 30s who are interested in home barista and eco-friendly.

Due to the corona virus, home barista, which people have fun making and eating cafe lattes at home, is in trend as telecommuting increases. Also, as interest in health and the environment increases, our food culture is changing as more young people choose a vegetarian diet.

For example, sales of vegan milk are increasing as water pollution caused by dairy farming and environmental destruction caused by massive greenhouse gas emissions have emerged. Based on this, Real Home Vegan Oat Milk came up with an eco-friendly sophisticated milk package and established a visual language for intuitive information.

Real Home Vegan Oatmeal has developed a design system that enables intuitive information recognition considering three flavors, the sensibility of products, and the value of brands. The package gives the feeling of sophisticated milk that will be sold at a cafe with modern interior design. This is because they considered brand targets in their 20s and 30s. It also rejects images of cows and ranches that can be easily found in the package of animal milk, conveying the sensibility of new eco-friendly vegetable milk. Through milk, consumers can feel that they are practicing meaningful value consumption for the public interest of health and the environment with Real Home.