Agency: Michal Suday Design Group
Designer: Nadav Shtreimer
Location: Israel
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mojo San
Product Launch Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Asian Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Box
Printing Process: Process Offset Printing

Mojo restaurant is a mythological asian restaurant is Israel All dishes are based on fresh products produced in the kitchen every morning using the highest quality raw materials. Mojo uses only fresh fish, make the noodles themselves, and make all the dim Sam dishes and desserts by hand. After more than a decade of business, the restaurant is expanding and opening a subsidiary that will serve quality Asian food for deliveries and takeaways.

The new chain of restaurants “Mojo San” will maintain the high quality of the original restaurant, but in a light and everyday atmosphere that could be duplicated nationwide. . The dishes that will be served in the new restaurant – sushi, noodles, meat and vegetarian dishes, for a wide target audience looking for fast, quality and delicious culinary options. The work stations will expose the customer to the processes of preparing various types of noodles.

In an artisanal method, cutting fresh fish for the sushi department, preparation processes. An Asian chain that presents Asian street food in one place and level. High and high quality accuracy While maintaining an up-to-date and slightly sophisticated experience that pushes the boundaries The familiar Asian cuisine. In addition to the world of raw materials and familiar dishes of Asian cuisine In Israel, which for many years highlights the worlds of sushi and wok, Mojosan adds a new layer to the story, the Asian “bakery” world, less so familiar to customers in Israel.

In the branding process we were inspired by contemporary Japanese worlds and created a story that tells situations in everyday life in the hustle and bustle of the city, combining small moments of humor and truth in an authentic culinary experience. The brand is built from illustrated language, in minimalist colors, the urban design combines illustrations made by ben Bueno, combining Japanese type for the different implementation of the brand. In the branding process, we were required to develop a series of packages that will convey the fast and high-quality experience, sushi packages, hot dish packages as well as delivery packages that created an innovative and enjoyable culinary experience.

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