Lazy snail Design

Rådhusstræde 5, 1466 København, Denmark

Ena Karo, located on the island of Tinos, Greece, is a small workshop that produces natural soaps and toiletries with an environmentally conscious mindset. We repositioned the brand, adjusting for its eco-friendly mindset, growing production and future export plans. The brand’s logo has grown to become recognizable and loved so we did not want to take this element away. The characteristic Cycladic architecture is an inspiration for the brand’s owner, with the logo directly referring to Tinos’ traditional bird houses. We went after a visual balance between the organic natural look of the ingredients and a sense of order with careful arrangement and distinct shapes.

The idea was to highlight our clients’ philosophy and maintain the connection between the finished product and the raw materials through geometric illustrations where the ingredients seem molded into the soap’s shape. We kept the color palette neutral with grainy and textured rendering completing the minimal design with lots of white space -another fundamental element of the Cycladic architecture. We used the LCA methodology to assess the environmental impact of the product over its entire life-cycle. We researched different solutions and went through the deficiencies of the previous packaging. We came up with monomaterial choices—all thoroughly checked in terms of production, use and afterlife—and just the right amount of packaging to protect the product while reducing waste and transport energy. For the boxes’ inside we created a typographic composition that encourages customers to reuse the containers or recycle them properly.

Lazy snail Design

Rådhusstræde 5, 1466 København, Denmark

Creative Director: Ioanna Drakaki

Designers: Serafim Stroumpis, Carolina Salassa, Eleni Pavlaki

Illustrator: Kostas Kiriakakis

Project Management: Maro Tsagkaraki, Luka Kenter,

Copywriter: Dimitra Makri

Ena Karo