3D Mask of Doctor K – Kirei Mask



Tested by the Pasteur Institute, 3D Doctor K – Kirei Mask is an antibacterial product manufactured according to Japanese standards with an advanced multi-layer structure capable of filtering 95% of dirt and bacteria. Besides many effective uses, modern and smart 3D design is also one of the big plus points of Doctor K – Kirei Mask. In addition, the softness of the strap is committed to bringing a pleasant and comfortable feeling to the user. In cooperation with the brand, BZCMarket has developed the packaging design for the Doctor K – Kirei Mask 3D mask line in the form of a convenient box. The main colors of the package are blue, green, and pink, respectively, with 3 types of 3 layers, 4 layers with mint flavor, and masks for children. Images of large masks and detailed simulations of human respiration are placed at the center of the packaging design. In addition, the circular lines around the mask further emphasize the antibacterial function and optimal protection of the product. For children’s masks, the packaging design is embellished with lovely images.