Day&Night – Oquendo Coffee

Mara Rodríguez Design

Gijón, Asturias, España

Cafés Oquendo launches a new duo for coffee lovers: Day & Night. A pack made up of a blend that will accompany you during the day and another that will help you end the day with all the flavor of coffee but without an extra supply of energy.

We create an image that make us feel at home, to those after meals where we share great moments accompanied by a good coffee. With simple and clean iconography, we create a welcoming landscape where we want the final consumer to be transported when using our product.

We use black and gold color combination, representing day and night atmosphere, through which we want to convey the high quality of the product. We create complementary graphs that make the range easily distinguishable.

In addition, we added the corporate red color to create a bullseye effect on the packaging and make our coffee house the central element of our design.