Any brand, whether it is a small family business or an international colossus, goes through various stages of development and change in order to remain relevant and attractive to the consumer. The established Moldovan alcohol brand Bacio di Bolle is no exception to this rule. Therefore, when our studio received a request for a visual update for this trademark, it was clear to us that we were faced with a fairly large-scale and responsible task. Indeed, in this case, it was necessary to refresh the visual design of the whole brand and several product lines at the same time, while maintaining their recognizability on the shelf.

A comprehensive redesign of the alcohol brand Bacio di Bolle involved several areas of work simultaneously. First, we’ve updated the brand logo, which was subsequently used on a wide range of media – from bottles and aluminum cans to printed materials and Internet content. Then, a detailed packaging redesign was carried out for each product line from the brand’s extensive portfolio, each in its own way, but united by a common desire for minimalism and relevance to current market trends. The result is an updated visual for the whole brand, which appeals to the consumer in a more competitive and attractive way.


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