Rucan is a new brand of toys for dogs, from Bulldog Studio we have accompanied the client in the conceptualization of the brand, from the naming to the corporate identity and also in the development of the packaging.

For the packaging project, it was necessary to work on a structural design that was solid enough to support the weight of the different sizes of toys, conic and ball. Once the material to be worked on (folding laminated) was selected, we proposed an anchoring system for the pieces in such a way that it does not have any flange or fastening plastic.

For the design, the briefing asked us to take the project to the extreme, since they are toys for dogs and in this retail channel there are currently great visual impacts.

We work with three illustrations of dogs, of different sizes, since there are three hardnesses of each product, so we can tell the buyer what product they need. Each dog is characterized differently and has the largest jaw, for the different sizes of toy.

This makes the packaging visual, and fun and explains in a super clear and obvious way the functionality of the toy and for whom it is intended.

We have managed to create something nice, very visual linear, and totally recyclable.