Studio La Regina

87100 Cosenza CS, Italia

Apicoltura Pacienza, a family-run company that has been producing excellent honey for generations, has decided to differentiate its productions by bringing several other honey-based products to the market. Among these, one of the most original is honey beer. A Belgian-inspired blonde beer with the addition of Honey from Sulla.

The name chosen for this unique product is “Brahalla”. An Arabic term that means “God’s blessing” and which is also one of the ancient names used to indicate the city of Altomonte, located in the Esaro valley, the area where the company’s bees fly from flower to flower to produce honey at the base of this beer.

For the design of the label, Studio La Regina has chosen a sober and minimalist style, close to that of the Pacienza honey packs. On a matte black background three yellow / golden lines stand out, enriching the design and recalling the back of bees. A subtle but clear and decisive way to represent the peculiar characteristic of this beer.