Ethical Nutrients Clinical Packaging Range


Sydney NSW, Australia

Supplement packaging is a sea of sameness that relies on an audience either knowing exactly what they are looking for or having the knowledge to navigate an ingredients list. This makes buying vitamins and supplements confusing and overwhelming.

Ethical Nutrients is renowned for it’s evidence-based, complimentary medicine solutions, but wanted to launch a new range of higher efficacy, behind-the-counter natural medicines. These bring new science, ingredients & combinations together to target a range of contemporary-lifestyle solutions. But these pioneering products would fail unless they could cut through the noise whilst also assuring customers and pharmacists of their quality and scientific effectiveness.

WhatCameNext_ created Ethical Nutrients Clinical to capture the science of each unique compound with an accurate, visual algorithm of the product formulation inside. This graphical ingredients bar provided the brand with a unique visual device to cut through from behind-the-counter, with rigorous flexibility ensuring optimised navigation across the product range.

The result is a highly effective, visually impactful packaging solution that reflects the strategy of the product and brand. Creating this periodic table for Ethical Nutrients Clinical successfully mirrored the scientific accuracy of each unique product and created powerful simplicity for customers and pharmacists alike.

Creation of a new periodic table for the Ethical Nutrients Clinical brand allocated a unique Pantone colour to each ingredient within the product range. This structure enabled flexibility for growth and formulation changes.

The Ethical Nutrients Clinical Formulation Algorithm creates a unique colour bar for each product that is a unique and scientifically accurate graphic representation of each product’s ingredient list.

Range segmentation was created by assigning a specific ‘foundation’ colour to each area of health solution eg. Women’s Health, Digestion, Pain, Immunity and Stress.

The ingredient list dictates the colours available in the algorithm. Selected from the brand Periodic Table each colour’s quantity is determined by its place within the ingredient list and quantity within the formulation.

Each solution is unique and can include any number of ingredients.