The Future Of Food


Sydney NSW, Australia

Design: WhatCameNext_
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cricket Bakery
Product Launch Location: Oceania
Packaging Contents: Cricket Powder, Baking Goods

The Cricket Bakery based in Sydney, Australia has an aim to changing peoples perception of insects as food. Though insect protein is a rapidly growing market space people are still a little squeamish when it comes to eating bugs. Their aim was to enable their audience to introduce insects into their diet in an easy and convenient way. With a range of baking blends, they allowed people to create their own tasty baked goods at home that have insect protein as the main ingredient.

By 2050 the population is expected to reach 9 billion, its well documented that we need to find alternative ways of feeding ourselves, that are sustainable, humane and healthy; not only to ourselves but also the planet. Crickets as food are a sustainable, versatile, nutritious and tasty complete source of protein so it was important to embrace the modernity of the proposition through the design.

WCN_ created a clean, fresh and bright feel for the brand, reflecting the thought that insects are the ‘future of food’. As this is also not a novelty food, but a serious food company, we wanted to reflect refinement through the design appealing to home cooks and health conscious (protein) seekers alike.

We didn’t shy away from celebrating the main unique ingredient within the products, the crickets. bringing it to the center of the pack. This was supported by a simple horizon line which reflected the bakery’s home, the famous Manly beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The cricket identity can then be reconstructed to provide a visual toolkit, used to inject color and movement into brand communication.

It was important to ensure the solution for the brand can evolve and develop as the category grows, allowing future opportunities can be embraced and capitalised upon easily. The Cricket Bakery is at the forefront of an emerging global food trend and giving the brand a modern, clean and approachable feel will be critical for ongoing success.