Sydney NSW, Australia

Design: WhatCameNext_
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: PZ Cussons
Product Launch Location: Global

Rafferty’s Garden challenged WhatCameNext_ to regain audience trust and connection with their passion for great tasting, wholesome food.

WhatCameNext_ delivered a confident brand redesign by taking Rafferty home, back to his garden. Creation of an environment for Rafferty gave him a brand world where he could develop, play and grow; enabling opportunities of playfulness and natural messaging for the brand. The introduction of the outdoors allowed Rafferty’s Garden to retain its bright, bold colour palette that had originally made it famous while influencing a photographic style to deliver taste with a natural freshness and honesty.

The logo for Rafferty’s Garden was evolved to feel more modern and relevant to today’s market, re-working the loveable Rafferty baby character, and creating new packaging across over 70 products. A design architecture was created that enabled mum or dad to quickly identify product suitability and benefits for their little one. Early testing has delivered impressive results. Improving speed to find by 15% and product preference by 35% compared to the current. It was critical to deliver an effective brand reinvigoration that got Rafferty’s noticed and chosen again.