Othr Half Men’s Skincare

Soul Studio®


Othr Half is a men’s skincare brand that brings high-quality products and a thoughtful set of self-care solutions to men across the globe on a mission to normalise self-care and create a safe place for men to feel more comfortable, in their skin.

At Soul Studio, we helped Othr Half develop their new packaging range; a routine-based system focused on the fundamentals of skincare. For the inner packaging, we used a colour system to help men navigate the step by step system, with ease. Avoiding the expected monochrome approach for men’s skincare, our goal was to redefine the modern male aesthetic. For this reason, the outer packaging was inspired by iconic Australian landscapes and the ingredients within, bringing colour to bathrooms around the globe.

How We Helped:
Packaging Design

Who Helped Us:
Product Photography & Videography by Bleacher


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