Loving Earth Easter Range

Soul Studio®


Easter is the ultimate chocolate holiday but for conscious consumers, the hunt for sustainable and vegan-friendly treats can be a challenge. Known for their ethical sourcing and organic ingredients, Loving Earth approached Soul Studio to design their Easter packaging for 2023. The brief was to create packaging that brings joy and appeals to taste-makers, vegans and parents alike.

To capture the spirit of Easter while staying true to Loving Earth’s brand values, Soul Studio took inspiration from the spring season. Using a palette of bright pastels, Soul designed a series of illustrations featuring soft, fluffy clouds featuring painterly gradients. The Hot Cross Bunny flavours were too good of an opportunity not to feature bunnies somehow, so Soul snuck in a few bunnies playing hide and seek across the range. Each box features a bunny diecut to reveal the product inside and be undeniably Easter.


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