Celler Masroig, one of the main referents of the Montsant Designation of Origin, re-launched its long-awaited Vi Novell, which celebrates the fruits of the first harvest and the start of a new vintage. For some years, its presentation and the party that comes along have become expected events, both in its region and Catalonia’s wine sector.

Our challenge with this edition was to create the identity of an optimistic, young and unpretentious wine that would mark the beginning of a new season. We worked on a proposal that pays tribute to the pleasures found in small moments, taking into account that we’ll need to have to be a variety of labels to represent them.

Thus, we created a 6-bottle special edition for the 2021 Vi Novell, alluding to ordinary moments worth celebrating but leaving behind all conventions and sentimentalism.

Using 3D elements that emulated the naïveness of images from the internet’s earliest days, we came up with an unexpected idea adaptable to its website and social media channels.

Our proposal achieved its balance with a classic and elegant typographical treatment for the occasions that name each bottle and distinguish a fresh wine that reminds us the best has always been there.

This way, not only did we encourage a new form of consumption but approached the universe of a new audience and added emotional value to a collective experience with a simple and playful message.


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Creative Direction: Atipus
Photography: Félix Ruiz
Celler Masroig