A modern company, equipped with the latest systems in the food industry. The main production of the brand is chocolate products and it has a brilliant history in the production of special chocolate products. Therefore, in order to promote the brand, it has increased the variety of its product portfolio and has unveiled special ice creams in its latest project. Metis Studios was proud to be responsible for the packaging of these products.

In the first stage of ideation, it was important for us to have a special and unique illustration, our overall goal was to differentiate the packaging from the stereotyped products of the competitive market.

The uniqueness of the packaging, the distinction in the illustration and the professional and accurate execution were the priorities of this project, so the selection of several initial ideas made our way much smoother and it was easier to conclude the packaging design.

Using celebrities not only helped celebrities to be luxurious, but also characters who had a strong prestige and personality in the minds of the audience should be chosen. In the first stage, we looked at famous political figures, but as a result, with the help of the employer and the studio designers, the use of certain personalities became the final result.

Each of these characters has been the best in their professional life. So it was enough for us to convey the feeling to the audience that they have quality, luxury and professional products in their hands, and this issue is also quite clear in the windows of hypermarkets.

The use of the same color scheme was due to the fact that this series of products form a family, as well as fruit and ice cream products in the future with different colors and characters, but in a family, will be performed and displayed in markets.

The Metis team hopes to make a difference in the product showcase.


Studio Metis

Art Direction & Senior Designer : Vahid Khezrian
Graphic Designer : Nazanin Hedayati
Dairy Cream