Camapa Russian Herbal Tea

Studio Metis

Samara brand has a wide range of activities in the field of planting, production and packaging of tea in Russia and the surrounding area, the company uses the most up-to-date and modern agricultural equipment, packaging and dryers, relying on the knowledge of experts , Its employees and farmers have had a good entry into the tea market in and around Russia.

In the new year, Samara brand has added tea and herbal tea products to its product portfolio, so the commitment to design the packaging of new products was given to the Metis design team. A big and attractive challenge because a new product from a good brand must have a lot of attractiveness in the showcase.

The initial idea generation, according to the client’s requests and brand needs, was towards the character design in a completely organic and herbal atmosphere, we had to show the herbal product in the best way. On the other hand, we had to design a character with Russian forms and elements. The use of Russian hats for women gave a special charm to the character.
After the idea evolved, the initial etude was hand-drawn and then finalized with digital imaging software.

The layers and the shape of the character’s face were more important to our designers than anything else because the main effect of the packaging depended on the character and its color scheme. Because of this, some of the original characters were not as good as the final characters. But in the end, we got attractive designs from combining Herbal and character products in a minimal space.

After finalizing the packaging image, using the appropriate structures was our priority. We had to put all the structures in the radius of the existing packages in the market because the Samara brand had the idea that the structures in the market are the best option to introduce the product to the audience.

Finally, attractive pagination and design were placed on the packaging and showed a special and stylish effect in the showcase.

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Studio Metis


Creative Director: Vahid Khezrian

Illustration Design: Nazanin Hedayati