Our opinion is, when you want to have a new entry in the market and introduce a product, you need to have quality, innovation and creativity together.

Samian Farm uses the most advanced and latest production and packaging systems to provide the best and highest quality products to its customers. Samian honey product has a very high quality and innovation and precision in the preparation and production stages has caused us to produce products with the best and most prestigious international standards. For this reason, we needed a creative and attractive packaging to have a package that is simple and special in the showcase, while being simple in bottle and label materials.

In the first part of this product (natural honey), 4 different types of packaging were needed to enter the market, 250-450-750 pieces (one package in the form of sauce structure). So it was decided to use 4 different designs, but in a family in 4 different packages, to have a good and strong entry into the market. It was also important for us to have Samian packaging design in mind, even if it is not in the audience’s shopping cart.

The original idea was for the bear to love and enjoy honey. It was important for us to explain this relationship between honey and bears with a process that is very enjoyable and engaging.
After completing the initial idea generation and pagination, we started the performance with the pencil sketch design, several initial etudes were made, and finally, 5 designs were finalized according to the needs and opinions of the employer and the studio designers. In the second stage, we digitized the final designs, but we kept the feeling of pencil drawing, which was very attractive to us.

In the next steps, using the simplest and most minimal selected fonts, and elements such as bees, beehives, flowers and plants, etc., we completed the pagination and were ready to print. Also, in the information section of the label, we designed the two left and right sides to take up less space in the bottle, so that the customer has more space to see the honey.

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Studio Metis


Creative Director: Vahid Khezrian

Illustration & Drawing Nazanin Hedayati