El Camino sought to modernize and update the brand, to provide the beer with a solid graphic and visual line, which would stand out from the huge craft beer competition in northern Spain. At the same time, he wanted to expand the number of consumers, and become known nationally.

El Camino’s craft beer is focused on adventurous people who like to venture into new destinations, who know how to enjoy the details, and in turn the moment of pleasure that this beer gives us.

The Seven collection is inspired by the landscapes of Cantabria (Spain). Its green fields, its wild coasts, the sea and the rocky mountains stand out. The other two Brewmaster collections are made up of limited editions inspired by the main elements that make up beer, hops and barley. The Seasonal, are seasonal beers inspired by different celebrations and parties around the world.

Our craft beer is for you, for special people with special motivations and palates.