The Jarrah Honey range is Trelivings first reappearance along with their ‘Save our Bees’ initiative. Jarrah Honey is a collection of skincare, body, bath and home fragrance products designed, developed and produced in Australia. The Jarrah Honey is sustainably sourced from the tall forests of Darling Range in Western Australia.

Because of its high antimicrobial properties and beneficial antioxidants, this extraordinary Jarrah Honey has a Total Activity rating of 50+, achieving medical status due to the natural enzymes in the honey. The Jarrah Honey is combined with native desert fruits and have been chosen for their ability to improve the texture and look of skin — rich in vitamins, antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

Proprietary reusable vessels were designed with echoing curvatures. The bottles and tubes are ‘soft touch’ with an ultra matt white finish and matt black pumps and caps. The glass jars are metallic gold for the candles and matt white for the bath salts. To highlight the ‘Save our Bees’ initiative, the bottles are adorned with a slotted paper neck tag on a lariat of twisted cotton cord.